Mimi Blue meatball restaurant closes Carmel location


Mimi Blue in Carmel has become another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The restaurant, known for its meatballs, has closed its Carmel location at 12505 Old Meridian St. Locations in Indianapolis on Mass Ave and The Fashion Mall will remain open.

The restaurant owners released a statement explaining how the pandemic impacted business.

“Restaurants nationwide have had many challenges relating to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement reads. “The Carmel location experienced significantly decreased sales — especially those derived from the normally filled commercial buildings, whose occupants frequented Mimi Blue during the last 4½ years. The majority of those buildings have not yet returned to full occupancy and the uncertainty of when that will occur resulted in our decision to close this location.”

Employees have either transferred to another Mimi Blue location or received financial severance.

Mimi Blue launched on Mass Ave Indianapolis in January 2015, and the Carmel restaurant opened the following year.

Learn more at mimibluerestaurants.com.