Letter: Proposed plan calls for 3-story buildings throughout city



This is written to call attention to a specific and far-reaching aspect of the comprehensive plan revision draft that is now under consideration by the Carmel Plan Commission.

In this draft plan, the City of Carmel is encouraging three-story buildings (sometimes higher) and commercial development along several so-called “typical corridors” throughout Carmel. This includes 96th Street from Michigan Road east to the Monon Trail, 106th Street from Spring Mill Road east to past Gray Road, 116th Street from the Boone County line east to Keystone Parkway, 126th Street from Keystone Parkway east to River Road, Main Street from Old Meridian Street east to past Hazel Dell Parkway, 146th Street across almost all of Carmel and College Avenue from 96th Street north to 116th Street.

I anticipate that this development could potentially include townhouses, apartments, restaurants, bars, fast food, retail, offices or mixed-use. Clearly, this would completely change the character of many residential neighborhoods throughout Carmel.

Carmel residents and homeowners associations are urged to email your comments and concerns to Carmel Plan Commissioners at [email protected].

Dave Fox, Carmel