Mud Creek play spoofs holiday movies


Susan Hill fell in love with the script of “The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon” when she read it for the first time a couple of years ago.

“I was excited when Mud Creek scheduled it,” Hill saiid.

“One of the most fun aspects about this production is the quick pace and the gentle fun it pokes at holiday movies. It is a very funny take on formula holiday movies, and, yes, there is a happy ending.”

Mud Creek Players’ production of the holiday movie parody begins Nov. 19 and concludes Dec. 11 at Mud Creek Theater, 9740 E. 86th St., Indianapolis.

“As one of two narrators who play different characters and keep up the quick pace, it is a bit of a challenge to remember who I am, where I am and what I’m supposed to say,” Hill said.

Geist resident Alysa Craige plays Holly, the Vermont innkeeper whose inn the evil developers are trying to destroy.

Craige said the biggest challenge is to keep a straight face,” 

“I’ve been working on my poker face, but we’ll see how good I can sell it when there’s an audience responding,” she said. “The whole experience has been fun so far. It’s not hard to love working with this cast and script. Last year, I dove deep into the Hallmark movie scene, and this play hits all the tropes — small towns, secret princes, business people coming to destroy a local establishment, we make fun of it all.”

Fishers resident Tonya Keller plays Joy, a romance novelist staying at the inn.

“It is just so silly. We really have a great time laughing with each other,” Keller said. “It’s the most physically challenging play I’ve done. I love getting to do stage falls and running around.”

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