Letter: CCS needs to hear parents’ concerns 



Ms. Vahrenkamp’s critique of Unify Carmel and Alvin Liu (Nov. 16) was needlessly personal in nature. Unify Carmel is a new effort by Carmel parents to assert some needed influence over public school policies and curriculum, despite a lack of transparency by the school administration. This is not unique to Carmel. We have seen this same parental “put-down” in Virginia and elsewhere where school teaching policies are “none of the business” of parents. 

All over the country “diversity, equity and inclusion” has descended on schools as a new obsession about race. Long since forgotten is the color-blind plea of Dr. Martin Luther King. In its place is a credo of suspicion that race bias is everywhere, and an inquisition must find it and stamp it out.

I have read the plan of the Carmel DEI officer now in place. Hovering over every part of the administration and each individual school building is a committee to enforce DEI thinking, whatever that specifically turns out to mean.

I have lived in Carmel for many years. I have seen nothing that deserves pitting our teachers and parents in an ideological struggle. The administration should stop hiding from parents and welcome their legitimate concerns.

Stanley A. Huseland, Carmel