Opinion: A French toast to Christmas


Parlez-vous français? Neither do we, but we’re heading to France, anyway! Here’s the plan for a Christmas like no other.

One of our sons is studying abroad just north of Marseilles (you may recall my fine parenting moment in August when I opted for a trip to Vegas instead of depositing said son at Chicago O’Hare, nary to be seen for 10 months. Sometimes you gotta’ let it ride, baby!).

As soon as he landed safely, my husband Doo and I immediately concocted a crazy scheme to take the rest of our crew over there for the holidays, but with COVID-19, we figured it wouldn’t actually amount to anything more than several wasted hours on Expedia. But as travel reopened and we realized this would be a once-in-lifetime opportunity for our six-pack, we decided to go for it. Can we afford it? No. Am I confident it won’t get shut down at the last minute? Absolutely not. But might this be the most memorable December ever? Oui! A thousand ouis!

So, we’ve ditched the live Douglass fir, all presents and most decorations. Our focus has been on rounding up proper walking shoes, warm coats and vaccination passports. We’ve secured two Airbnbs, booked tickets for the Eiffel Tower and are praying that we experience neither a “Home Alone” “Kevin!” scene nor an emergency mandatory quarantine, although if we had to get stuck in a foreign country, we could do worse than one known for red wine, stinky cheese and croissants sent from heaven.

Regardless of what transpires, I can’t wait to share what will certainly be an extraordinary adventure. Wish me bon chance!

Peace out.