Specialty grocery store Enfield’s opens in Carmel’s WestClay


By Chris Bavender

A new specialty grocery store opened in February in the Village of WestClay. Enfield’s, at 12701 Meeting House Rd., offers residents a place to stop in for everything from staples to locally sourced honey.

Owner Megan Paul  had wanted to open the shop for a few years.

“The residents here need/want something close by so they can walk and grab the forgotten onion or tomato they missed while cooking dinner,” Paul said. “The center of West Clay has a little Greek’s pizza shop, Danny Boy Brewery, Sahms, a beautiful candy shop Basket Pizzazz and the essentials like Classic Dry Cleaning, hair salons (Urban society & Glow), and the Village Spa. The Village was missing a place to get groceries.”

The store’s name is inspired by family.

“All the boys in our family have the middle name Enfield, and now my niece carries the tradition as well. I always loved the tradition, so I wanted to name my store after my family,” Paul said. “We have done a lot of ancestry digging and we believe it came back from the 20th century when the Enfield rifle was made. The rifle was a magazine-fed repeating rifle used by the British military.”

Paul said the unique thing about Enfield’s is that it carries many items not typically found at traditional grocery stores.

“We have local honey, over 40 different hot sauces, assorted cheeses, fresh produce, artisan crackers. Bub’s Burgers owner Matt Fry keeps me stocked with buns and his famous apple and cherry pies. We carry olive oils and vinegars, Dewig meats, and so much more,” Paul said. “If you have a charcuterie board in mind you can make a serious attempt at Enfield’s. We also carry fun gift items as well, (such as) very high-quality cutting boards, decorative dinner table pieces, spice kits, espresso glasses, charcuterie knives and candles.”

The store is set up to provide an inviting, fun experience and is decorated in a retro decor with a number of dinner ideas.

“We have a huge wall of pasta items, different sauces, Alfredos, spices, noodles and pasta additions. We have a black-and-white noodle that would look insane on a dinner table and fun-shaped noodles for kids,” she said. “Enfield’s mixer wall has different Bloody Mary mixes, lime juices, pickle juice, salt rimmers and cherries for an old fashioned.”

The shop also carries scallops, lobster tail, salmon filets, stuffed clams and breaded haddock.

“A little something for everyone,” Paul said. “If there is something we are missing, just let us know and we will do our best to add it in.”

The shop is about 1,700 square feet and shares an office with David and Julie Morton of Morton Realty. Paul is running the store solo.

Enfield’s is open from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. When the weather improves, Enfield’s will be open seven days a week and hire extra help.