Letter: Guest speakers valuable in educational environment



Banning books, attacking our schools for underperforming, complaining about SEL being taught in our schools and showing resistance to DEI in our schools has unfolded a million arguments and attacks on each other in our school district. However, I saw a new low in our community when Dr. Jakobi Williams spoke to Clay Middle School last week. Our principal sent out an email prior to the event so those that felt uncomfortable could decide how they wanted to handle that school day. I, however, felt proud to see our school invite such a great guest speaker. My son was also excited. To hear how upset people got over this because they couldn’t read the presentation being given in advance and they didn’t get enough notice was strange to me. As an instructor at a university, guest speakers cannot always get lined up in advance due to schedules. I trust Carmel Clay Schools to select appropriate speakers for my son to listen to.

We expect our children to behave with dignity and respect while many parents in this community are demonstrating the opposite. My son came home so excited and shared parts of the presentation with me. Dr. Williams told the students that we all come from the same place and should stop hating and fighting. He then talked a little bit about the history of slavery. The presentation was educational and uplifting for the students. Why wouldn’t we want guest speakers like this in our schools? Well done, Clay Middle School and Dr. Jakobi Williams. I appreciate the time you took to speak to my son’s school.

Michelle Wise, Carmel