Letter: Sanctions not effective tool



Sure, sanctions will cure the problem!

There was a time in the history of our nation when our leaders would have sat across the table from Putin and said, “If having a democratic government on the border of Russia is a threat to you, then having a communist country 90 miles from our shores is a real problem for the security of the United States. So right now, 100,000 troops are being sent to Guantanamo. They are ready to liberate Cuba. Then they will move on to Venezuela. Do you still want to invade Ukraine?”

We see how well economic sanctions are working and have worked. Let’s see, didn’t we put economic sanctions on Cuba nearly a half century ago? And Venezuela a decade ago? The placement of sanctions does two things. First and foremost, it makes millions of ordinary citizens live in abject poverty. Second, the placement of sanctions allows touchy-feely liberals to say, “Look, we are doing something. We got your backs.”

Ron Carter, Carmel