Letter: Help keep others safe, healthy



Almost everyone going into 2022 was exhausted from wearing masks and social isolation. In late 2019, we were introduced to COVID-19 infection. The virus is believed to have originated in China, and slowly made its way to the rest of the world. The pandemic hit hard and got schools closed, grocery store shelves empty of hygiene products and many people lost jobs. Everyone had to adapt to being online making Zoom stock prices go up. Toilet papers and hand sanitizers became rare commodities, leading to quantity limits and ridiculous online prices.

Our government collaborated with drug companies to produce vaccines, and scientists became fixtures on talk shows. Controversial theories were also advanced, and fact and fiction became hard to separate for many people. For many students, online school was difficult and led to social isolation. Many people lost loved ones, and most were exposed to COVID-19, with some having long-term complications. Travel plans were canceled, and holidays were devoid of family get-togethers. There were periods of reprieve, but surges made those short lived.

Just when we thought the pandemic was over, the virus put on cloaks and showed up as variants. The two main variants are the more deadly delta and the more contagious omicron.

To keep yourself and others safe, please remember hand hygiene and be mindful of social distancing as per the current guidelines.

Sophie Tahir, Creekside Middle School student, Carmel