Westfield’s Wood Wind Golf Course focuses on new offerings 


As its name implies, the game of golf is the centerpiece of Wood Wind Golf Course. But it’s not the only attraction at the public course at 2302 W. 161st St., Westfield.

Cohoat & O’Neal Management COO Colin O’Neal wants members to know there’s more to Wood Wind than golf.

Recent additions to the course include a beer garden, pickleball courts, live music and a pavilion. O’Neal said most of the changes were made because of new neighborhoods surrounding the golf course. Cohoat & O’Neal Management manages the public golf course. Four neighborhoods part of the Wood Wind HOA: Wood Wind North, Wood Wind South, Westchester and Bent Creek.

“A lot of this was generated because there was development around the golf course,” O’Neal said. “Because of those neighborhoods being developed, the golf course owner Matt Cohoat felt it was a great idea to provide them more of an outlet to become involved at the club or use this golf course as a community asset.”

The beer garden, sponsored by Oasis Outdoor Living and Landscape, opened in 2021 and has fire pits and lawn games such as giant Jenga and Connect 4. Because of the amenities, O’Neal said the course often hosts corporate retreats.

Two pickleball courts west of the clubhouse opened in spring 2021.

“The pickleball and the beer garden and the pavilion cover the social aspect in regards to we’re more than a golf club,” O’Neal said. “Internally, with those resources we are able to generate things like a pickleball league in the summer and fall. You don’t have to be an annual or social member.”

The four neighborhoods in Wood Wind’s HOA incorporate membership dues into the HOA dues, but social memberships are available as well. O’Neal said Wood Wind Golf Course is Westfield’s only public golf course.

Besides the new amenities, Wood Wind Golf Course also features four new holes on the 18-hole course. Hole Nos. 8 and 9 opened last year. They are the only two holes north of the main clubhouse. The other two holes, Nos. 5 and 17, are a par 4s.

Colin O’Neal said No. 5 was shortened to make room for residential development and No. 17 was lengthened and changed from a par 3 to a par 4.

“All the changes to golf course were a result of the development,” Cohoat & O’Neal Management Executive Vice President Doc O’Neal said. “There are 80 homes at Wood Wind North, 80 at Wood Wind South, and those two developments caused us to make some changes to the golf course.”

Wood Wind North began construction three years ago and residents began moving in 18 months ago. Wood Wind South is still under construction.

Doc O’Neal said when construction first started, more than 3,200 new homes were planned within 1 square mile of Wood Wind Golf Course.

“So, the benefits are going to be for us, with the social component and the redesign of the golf holes, that created really a whole new Wood Wind, a new approach to how we do business,” Doc O’Neal said. “There’s a new look, a new level of energy, a lot more golfers, a lot more families. This development should do very well for this area and Wood Wind. The downside is going through the surgery, but we are now recovered and getting through it. We’ve been under construction for three years, so it’s really nice to be coming out of that.”