Letter: Freedom is the ‘opportunity to do what is right’



In this moment of a major vexatious decision facing all Hoosiers, you provide some clarity with Peter Marshall’s quotation: freedom is the “opportunity to do what is right.” What dignity a person achieves with that opportunity! What does it mean to be a person but to be able to reason what’s right and to do it?

Since women and teenage girls have reason, and since they will spare no effort reasoning over an unplanned pregnancy — which is the biggest opportunity in their lives to do what’s right — we can trust them with the freedom to do the right thing.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked, “What is a woman?” A woman is the sex who confronts the full moral weight of the opportunity of pregnancy and motherhood, to embrace, postpone or decline. And the noble state trusts her – while offering her aid – to do what’s right with that opportunity.

Phil Bansal, Carmel