Letter: Moms for Liberty supports age-appropriate books in schools 



In response to the ‘No imprimaturs needed’ letter to the editor in the July 12 edition of Current in Carmel, Moms for Liberty at the national and Hamilton County chapter level supports age-appropriate books in school libraries and classrooms, as do the majority of parents, grandparents and guardians. 

The letter writer has completely, perhaps intentionally, misunderstood the issue and the stance of this group by ignoring the key phrase “age-appropriate.” He then compounds his ignorance of the truth by submitting a poorly composed letter to the editor and spewing misinformation without any specific evidence regarding the assertion that Moms for Liberty want the books you cited banned. 

Though this is an opinion piece – and I am a supporter of free speech as written in our Constitution – deliberate lies which hurt any person or group is bordering on libel (the written form of defamation for your edification).

Stephanie Kerr, Noblesville