ILEARN scores improve slightly at Noblesville Schools


Noblesville Schools made slight increases this year in the percentage of third- through eighth-grade students passing the English and math portions of the state’s standardized ILEARN test.

According to the Indiana Dept. of Education, 43.2 percent of Noblesville students were found to be proficient in English and math. Noblesville Schools students scored well above state averages.

Statewide, 2022 ILEARN results show 41.2 percent of students are proficient in English/language arts, and 39.4 percent meet that standard in math. In Noblesville, those totals are 55.2 percent and 53.7 percent, respectively.

“Our ILEARN data reflects our students’ performance on this test from the previous year and like all districts, Noblesville students have been challenged with ongoing changes to state standardized testing and recent pandemic constraints,” stated Ryan Rich, Noblesville Schools Assistant Superintendent of Learning. “Overall, student pass rates have improved in both math and language arts. As always, we carefully evaluate ILEARN data to capture any insights we can from it, and remain confident our students are being well prepared for future educational and career pursuits.”

In 2021, 39.7 percent of Noblesville students passed the English and math tests. Schools did not administer the test in 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2019, 53.2 percent of Noblesville students were found to be proficient in English and math.

“Noblesville students performed better on this test than 90% of all students in grades 3-8 across Indiana and Noblesville Schools remains an A-rated district by the state,” Rich stated. “Having said that, ILEARN is just one of several indicators we use to measure academic performance. Some districts place great emphasis on ILEARN scores, but our focus is on overall academic growth and preparation for real life.”