Henthorn gets spotlight in large music festival


This was one offer Doug Henthorn couldn’t refuse.

Henthorn said he was excited to receive an invitation to perform Sept. 3-4 in the two-day All IN Music and Arts Festival at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Henthorn and his band will be one of several acts performing Sept. 3. The exact time and fairgrounds site hasn’t been determined. The headliners for Sept. 3 are Daryl Hall and John Oates and Portugal. The Man.

Henthorn, a 55-year-old Westfield resident, said he expects his set will be approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

He plans to perform songs from his new record, songs from his other two albums and songs from when he was a member of Healing Sixes.

“There will be a handful of choice cover songs,” he said.

The new album, “Three,” includes seven new songs and three cover songs — The Beatles’ “Across the Universe,” the Eagles’ “Wasted Time” and The Cars’ “Drive.”

After Henthorn released his first solo album, “Cold Medicine,” in 2016, he had some health issues.

After beining diagnosed with parotid (saliva) gland cancer, he had surgery and 33 rounds of radiation.

“That kind of thing will rattle you,” Henthorn said. “Then a year later I had a false positive after a colonoscopy that said I had colon cancer, but the biopsy came back negative. But for a month I was in limbo, so it was a horrible time.”

Henthorn said he wrote most of the songs on “Three” during that time.

“I thought this was a little too dark and personal,” Henthorn said. “Then the (COVID-19) pandemic came, and I thought it was worth putting it out there.”

In between, he released his second album, “The LLC,” in 2019.

With gigs picking back up after the height of the pandemic, Henthorn has been busy the last few months.

“This is the busiest I’ve been in my entire life,” he said. “It’s hard after about two years with almost nothing to do.”

For more, visit allinfestival.com and doughenthorn.com.