Zionsville council approves ARPA pay


The Zionsville Town Council voted 5-0 at its Aug. 1 meeting to allocate $129,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funds toward premium pay stipends for essential personnel who worked throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The council also approved an amendment of the 2022 Zionsville Salary Ordinance to account for the stipends.

“We had to put the ARPA ordinance in that identified where we were spending money specific to these stipends that we had done earlier in the year,” Town Council President Jason Plunkett said. “And as we always discussed, we wanted to come back and revisit that. This (ordinance) is amending that ordinance so that we can include the other folks that were identified by the administration as essential personnel.”

The premium pay stipends apply to eligible employees within the departments of planning, public works, IT, facilities and parks and recreation, according to the revised salary ordinance.

Earlier in the meeting, council member Josh Garrett raised the issue of Zionsville’s ongoing struggles with OpenGov, a software company that handles government financial reporting systems.

Zionsville started using OpenGov this year. The transition has been far from seamless — city contractors have not received compensation in a timely manner because claims haven’t been accessible, Garrett said.

“I would welcome OpenGov to come here and give us an update so we can understand what went wrong,” Garrett said. “I’m not going to use their name incorrectly if they aren’t at fault, but I need someone to stand up and figure out what’s going on here.”