Friday concert at Ruoff evacuated due to ‘disturbance’


The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says concert attendees at Ruoff Music Center were evacuated Friday evening due to what law enforcement described as a “disturbance.”

The sheriff’s office says the disturbance was reported at 10:28 p.m.  in section 5 of the lawn at the venue, where rapper Wiz Khalifa was performing. Law enforcement officials did not specify what type of disturbance was involved, but said that all gates, including non-public exits were opened and that patrons self-evacuated from the music venue.

“Police staff deployed multiple quick response teams and swept the area.  No weapons were found,” a statement from the sheriff’s office said.

Three individuals reported minor injuries and were transported to area hospitals, officials said. A Twitter post from an Indianapolis Star reporter, Rory Appleton, said: “Everyone just fled the @wizkhalifa show at @ruoffmusic center. People were screaming about shooting. We all ran out…climbed fences, did anything to get out.”

Appleton, who indicated he was at the venue, also posted on Twitter that he did not see or hear any shots.

“I was up front stage left, and the running seemed to come from the lawn stage right. A lot of young kids at this show. People running out into the corn fields and calling home as we all ran out of the employee entrance,” the post said.

Current has reached out to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Scott Goff seeking more information on the situation.

This story will be updated with more information as it is received.