Westfield Farmers Market eyes possible winter schedule


The Westfield Farmers Market recently wrapped up its season with record attendance and is exploring the possibility of holding a winter market.

That news is a positive sign for the farmers market, which was noted to be the best season it has had in recent years, according to Nick Stepaniak, market manager. The Westfield Farmers Market held its final market for the season at Grand Junction Plaza Sept. 1 that featured plenty of vendors, music, food and visitors.

It is estimated that the Westfield Farmers Market attracted more than 6,000 people this season, according to Stepaniak.

“We’re just continuing to grow and looking forward to grow next year as well,” Stepaniak said. “It’s been the best season we’ve had in a while.”

Plans are in the works to hold a winter market starting in January, although Stepaniak said officials are still trying to secure a location. However, Stepaniak said he’s pleased with how this season went as vendors offering goods such as produce, honey, popcorn and dog treats made their way to Grand Park Junction each week.

“We’re continuing to grow and we’re hoping to have a different food truck every market,” he said.

Stepaniak also said he was appreciative of the community’s support in making the market successful. Many vendors other than those from Westfield were from cities such as Tipton, Sheridan, Noblesville and Carmel, he added.

“We appreciate them coming out and supporting us as we continue to grow,” he said.

Community nonprofits also made their presence at the farmers market on a weekly basis free of charge. That was done to help educate the community as a whole about the various work that nonprofits perform in the area, according to Stepaniak.

“We’re always looking to have them come and set up a table and talk about their cause as well,” he said.

Kennedy Reynolds, an employee with Tipton-based Groomsville Popcorn, also said her business had seen plenty of foot traffic this season at the market. Reynolds said being able to interact with customers each week was one of her favorite aspects of her job.

“There’s a lot of regular people, so I’m able to remember faces,” Reynolds said. “I just love the atmosphere and just being able to talk to a bunch of people.”

Barbara Grider, whose daughter operates a dog treat business at the market, said this was the fifth year being set up at the market.

“I just love to be a part of the community,” she said. “I get to see a lot of dogs.”

Stepaniak said the farmers market will start accepting applications for next summer’s season starting Jan. 1. For anyone interested, Stepaniak said individuals may contact him by emailing [email protected].