Letter: Letter attacking school board candidates hypocritical, lacking facts 



Former Carmel Clay Schools Supt. Jeff Swensson’s letter criticizing school board candidates Jenny Brake, Greg Brown, and myself, Adam Sharp (BBS) is astonishing in its hypocrisy. Without offering a shred of evidence, Swensson accused BBS of being funded by “national money.” Funny how he overlooked the fact that Support CCS PAC, which actively supports school board candidates Kristin Kouka, Jennifer Nelson-Williams and Jake Nichols and is funding their campaign material (look at their signs) is documented in April 2022 Hamilton County campaign finances filings as receiving a majority of their funds from organizations outside of Indiana.

Swensson accuses BBS of wanting to impose our “ideologies,” but the truth is precisely the opposite, and these types of false allegations run the risk of taking the CCS school board race in an accusatory and mudslinging direction. Politics as usual.

We are grassroots candidates who are funded through individual donations and are otherwise self-funded. BBS wants to rid CCS of distracting and destructive ideologies that have replaced academic excellence as the primary focus and led to the current abysmal situation where CCS students have seen a significant decline in minimal proficiency on standardized math and reading tests. We are losing students to other private and alternative education options at a record speed.

We are running on a platform of Academics First, Parents’ Rights and Full Transparency and will happily disclose our sources of funding but will not be bullied by and falsely accused without responding.

Adam Sharp, Carmel