Mini golf course spotlights ‘Great Squirrel Stampede’


The City of Fishers is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the time squirrels ran amok through Hamilton County in what became known as “The Great Squirrel Stampede.”

To commemorate the event, and as part of the city’s ongoing celebration of the 150th anniversary of its founding, Fishers is offering a free four-hole mini golf course at the Oct. 12-15 Fall Festival at the AgriPark in Fishers. The course, which debuted late last month at the Fishers Farmers Market, will make appearances at other sesquicentennial events throughout the year.

The free course illustrates the 1822 event when tens of thousands of squirrels migrated across and Hamilton County and trampled crops, caused mass destruction and left chaos in their wake as they continued south.

The mini golf course is part of Fisher’s ongoing 150th celebration that started in June and will run through next year. There are also opportunities for residents to participate in the celebration by visiting the Fishers Sesquicentennial Trail, contributing to a community time capsule and reading blog posts, watching podcasts and purchasing apparel being made by the city. For more, visit

“We’re so excited to partner with Visit Hamilton County on ‘Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf’ as part of Hamilton County’s bicentennial and Fishers’ 150th birthday celebration,” said Stephanie Perry, assistant director of communications for Fishers. “The course is a fun way for residents of all ages to engage with and learn more about this unique piece of local history, and they join the squirrels on their journey across central Indiana.”

The mini golf course schedule can be found at