Fayrouz Grill opens on Carmel’s Main Street


Main Street has another food option for those looking to enjoy everything from kebabs to gyros to falafel. Fayrouz Grill opened Sept. 15 at 20 W. Main St. and is owned and operated by two longtime friends, Ahmed Abukhamsa and Aissar Boo.

“We are both originally from Palestine and are the same age and were in nursing school together,” Boo said. “I came to the U.S. four years before he did, and I live in Columbus, Ohio, and (Abukhamsa) is in Carmel.”

Abukhamsa attended cooking school in Palestine and opened his own restaurant there. When he moved to Indiana, he continued to work in food service, but his dream was to own his own place.

“I told him that if you don’t think about your future, you will stay a co-worker and you need to think about that,” Boo said. “I told him to save up a bit, be open minded, look at areas to see if they had this type of food, and look for spaces.”

When the space on Main Street became available, Abukhamsa knew it was the perfect location for his restaurant, but he needed a partner. That’s where Boo stepped in.

“I know how he makes food, and I trust how he cooks and the meals he makes, so it made sense,” Boo said. “He is the one who cooks, and I handle stuff such as billing and taxes.”

Fayrouz employs one other staff member, while Boo works remotely from Ohio, traveling to Indiana when there are events in downtown Carmel that bring extra traffic to the store.

“People have been liking it so far and are posting reviews with pictures and saying the new place in Carmel is good and you should try it,” Boo said.

Although the menu will mostly remain the same, Boo said they will tweak it and are already working on new ideas.

“We want people to enjoy the food and tell friends and family about us and come back or order online,” Boo said. “We hope to spread the word, and, in the future, if this location does well, we may look at opening a second location. You never know.”

For more or see the Fayrouz Grill menu, visit facebook.com/Fayrouz-Restaurant-100243942833571.