Column: Struggling to get back to normal after COVID


Commentary by Linda Barnes

Many elderly adults are now experiencing difficulty with physical decline, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, weakness, confusion, stress and anxiety. They are afraid to get back into the swing of everyday activities.

Younger adults may have the same struggles, but generally not to the same degree as older adults. Older adults are much more isolated, less mobile and may experience more severe symptoms and limitations.

Elderly adults can gain incredible benefits from home-based therapy. Many times, what is needed most for successful recovery is hands-on human contact and proper therapeutic techniques to regain their pre-COVID-19 functional independence.

Evaluation from a licensed occupational or physical therapist includes an assessment of their cognitive abilities, as well as their physical abilities in the areas of mobility, balance, safety and functional independence in their own home.

Occupational and physical therapy can be an integral component to getting back to pre-COVID-19 normalcy. Therapists are experienced with assistive devices and simple home modifications that can help individuals enhance their quality of life and get back to meaningful activities they enjoy. Therapy is also an integral component of being able to stay in their own home longer versus moving to an assisted living facility or nursing facility.

Therapists will educate and consult with the individual and their support team to ensure everyone is aware of their important role in relation to the designated care program.

All you need is to find the best therapist to care for you or your loved one.

Providing outpatient therapy in your own home environment is not only proven to provide better therapeutic outcomes, but also is very convenient and flexible for you or your loved one.

Linda Barnes is an occupational therapist and the owner/president of Therapy on Wheels, Inc. For more, visit or call 317-332-9861.