Poll worker removed from Carmel early voting site after attempting to influence voters 


A poll worker was removed from a Carmel early voting site Nov. 4 after attempting to influence voters.

Hamilton County Election Administrator Beth Sheller confirmed that the poll worker, a Democrat, was removed from the polling location at Mercy Road Church on Pointe Parkway in Carmel for pressuring voters to cast their ballots for or against certain candidates.

“He will not be allowed to return and has been taken out for Election Day as well,” Sheller stated.

Sheller said no other poll workers have been removed during early voting.

Mario Massillamany, chair of the Hamilton County Republican Party, said the poll worker was pressuring voters not to support certain school board candidates endorsed by Republicans.

Hamilton County Democratic Party chair Dayna Colbert said the Hamilton County Election Office removed the worker and that it’s a matter likely to be reviewed by the bipartisan Hamilton County Elections Board.
“The Hamilton County Democrats have had no prior issues in working with the Hamilton County Elections Office, but the sheer amount of reports of questionable activity at the Mercy Road early voting location preceding this incident call for serious review,” Colbert said.