Fishers company offers software training


Fishers’ Flexware Innovation will offer a five-day IA in-person training course Jan. 23-27, 2023, covering the core features of Ignition by Inductive Automation. Ignition is a software platform that allows users to build real-time status and control screens that monitor and control machines.

“Ignition is also SCADA, which stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, allowing you to acquire data and allowing you to store information to a database as well as do alarming, all from a central location,” Flexware Director of Marketing Dwayne Butcher said. “When Ignition was first released in 2010, it fundamentally disrupted the market from strongholds like Rockwell Automation. Ignition did this by its unlimited licensing model which made Ignition dramatically cheaper than similar products in just 12 short years.”

Butcher said Ignition now has a 57 percent adoption rate among the world’s Fortune 100 companies.

The training will teach the software platform in a class titled, “Ignition Core Training.”

“There are classes all over the world, but until Flexware was endorsed to deliver classes in 2022, Inductive Automation was the only provider of training in the United States,” Butcher said.

Flexware Innovation has been in business since 1996 and has been in Hamilton County since its start – first in Noblesville before moving to Fishers in October 2003. The company then moved its headquarters from Technology Drive to its current location, 12 Municipal Dr., in May 2020. The company is a manufacturing systems integrator, providing custom software and automation solutions for manufacturing operations.

“Flexware exists to unleash the potential of technology, freeing forward-thinking manufacturers to focus on what’s next,” Butcher said.

The class is limited to 25 participants and has welcomed students from the United States, Mexico and Canada. The class uses the same courseware developed by Inductive Automation and costs $2,750 for the first attendee from a company and $2,200 for each attendee after that.

“Each student sits at a laptop and follows the instructor in creating real-world simulations that convey the breadth and depth of the platform,” Butcher said. “Following the training, attendees are equipped to return to their industrial jobs and architect solutions per their unique needs, connect Ignition to PLCs and databases, begin collecting and storing data from production, create ways to visual alarms and data and many other functions to enable planning, execution and monitoring of shop floor operations.”

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