Letter: Morning Sun move shows mayor will do what he wants



The recent Current in Carmel article about the movement of the Morning Sun sculpture is just another example of the mayor’s – and city council’s – disregard for the recommendations of those chosen to represent the citizenry of Carmel.

As the article stated, the Carmel Public Art Advisory Committee voted unanimously that they did not want to see public funds used to relocate the sculpture but recommended either selling it or using private funds to relocate it. Whether or not one likes the sculpture is irrelevant in my opinion. What is relevant is the seemingly complete disregard of recommendations by committees put in place for such decisions. This is a committee that was put in place only after what was considered some poor decisions over art purchases.

So, after the committee’s strong opposition for the means of movement of the sculpture, what was the decision? To move it, anyway, using $50,000 of public funds! To quote Mr. McFeely’s statement from the article: “But it is important to understand that it is the responsibility of the elected mayor and his staff to decide how to handle city financial matters.” Translation: The city really does not honor your opinion, or recommendation; we are going to do what we want, anyway. There did not even seem to be any investigation or attempt to look into raising private funds. Let those who find value in its movement provide the means to do so. Seems reasonable.

In this writer’s opinion, this is just another example, albeit a small one, of how the mayor and city council have done whatever they have wanted during this entire administration. Some reckless spending and unpopular projects are allowed to take place unchecked. The opinion of the citizenry is seen as irrelevant. I am personally welcoming of a new administration in the years ahead. I am, perhaps optimistically, looking forward to a new mayor and city council that has more regard for the citizens, the committees and oversight they themselves put in place. What purpose are they allowed to serve if they are often seemingly ignored?

Thomas Beck, Carmel