Salt caves: Healing with halotherapy


When most people hear of a salt cave as a holistic healing option, the first question is “how does it work?” According to one local salt cave owner, all clients need to do is breathe.

Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy Center, 8899 Kent Ave., is owned by Stefanie Spiczenski. The business opened in 2018 and is one of only six of its kind in the state. It will celebrate its five-year anniversary this spring.

Spiczenski, 34, said salt caves, which are enclosed, dimly lit rooms with Himalayan salt-lined walls, provide many health benefits.

“Salt therapy, or halotherapy, is the action of inhaling a dry salt that is aerosolized into the salt cave,” Spiczenski said. “Breathing these particles can help the lungs and respiratory system as well as give benefits to the body and mind. It cleans out your airways like a toothbrush does for your teeth and alleviates bronchial inflammation.”

Spiczenski said clients report feeling like their airways are “more open and they can breathe more freely after a salt cave session.” She said salt caves can also be highly beneficial to skin because it kills bacteria that can cause conditions like psoriasis or eczema.   

Faren Jones, a regular Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy Center client, strongly recommends the unique therapy.

If you’re one of the ones battling whatever is going around, after you’re no longer contagious, I highly suggest scheduling yourself an appointment at Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy Center,” Jones said. “It’ll help clear all that congestion out and get you on the road to recovery more quickly.”

Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy also offers detoxification and infrared sauna services.

The business typically serves about 600 clients per month, including many returning clients. Each service session for the salt cave, detoxification and sauna is 45 minutes.

For the holiday season, Spiczenski is offering gift certificates and service packages that feature the salt cave’s most popular sessions, including bundles of three to five sessions of one service, or a sampler package that includes three sessions of each service offered.

“We are so happy to be in Lawrence surrounded by the history of Fort Benjamin Harrison,” Spiczenski said. “Lawrence is a special place to my family and I, so we thought, ‘What better place to promote healing and rest?’ We also absolutely love the building we are in. It was the fire station on Fort (Benjamin Harrison) and already feels like a place of refuge. Turning it into a place where people could come feel safe and get the treatments they need was a perfect fit.”

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