Bakery offers gluten-free goods


Since opening at 3091 U.S. 421 North in October, Aspasia Bake Shop has received positive feedback from the community for its many gluten-free offerings, according to owner Eva Tomlinson.

“I think the community response has been phenomenal,” Tomlinson said. “Everyone has been very generous, very supportive and very kind, so I have really enjoyed our time here.”

Tomlinson said the idea for the business came about because of her desire to find baked goods that accommodated her own gluten intolerance.

“I had to figure out how I could bake things I could eat but I didn’t find anything out there from a flour perspective that really suited my taste, so I ended up developing my own flour and baking with that,” Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson noted that while family members enjoyed her baking prior to Aspasia’s opening, she realized the demand for a variety of gluten-free offerings was not being fulfilled in other local bake shops.

“I will confess, I didn’t realize the level of need within this immediate community and the extended community for a dedicated gluten free facility like a bake shop,” Tomlinson said. “I’m learning more and more every day. At least 10 times a day people will come in and express their appreciation for what we provide.”

The bake shop sells more than sweets, Tomlinson said. It also has lunch and dinner options, including salads, flatbreads and hummus as well as charcuterie boards, beer and wine.

Aspasia is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, but Tomlinson said she eventually wants to extend closing time to 8 p.m.

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