hc1 employees volunteer for the holidays

CIZ COM 0103 hc1 volunteers2
From left, hc1 employees Victoria Hungria, Hazem Elewa, Lora Myers, Emily Figgins and Dani Hughes pause during the We Care holiday charity event.

Employees of the bioinformatics company hc1 took part in the We Care holiday charity event at the Lilly Boys & Girls Club Dec. 1.

We Care was created by Herman Miller and the Boys & Girls Club of America to provide a space where children can create holiday gifts for their loved ones while also enjoying snacks and participating in fun activities.

Dani Hughes, director of facilities and administration for hc1, said every year, hc1 employees like to have the kids do a craft using items they can repurpose after the holidays.

CIZ COM 0103 hc1 volunteers1
Britt Putka and Emily Figgins of hc1 help a little girl make a reindeer out of socks.

“A lot of these kids don’t have a means to go holiday shopping for their parents, so this is a way for them to give special presents to their family members,” Hughes said.

In the past, kids have made fruit baskets, wreaths made of scarves and snowman-shaped bags of popcorn with hats made of gloves. This year’s project was a reindeer made of a pair of socks.

“This way we know they’re always leaving with something useful, whether it’s gloves, scarves or socks,” Hughes said. “It’s not only just a little craft, but it’s something that they can actually use or that a family member can use.”

Hughes said hc1, which is just south of Zionsville at 96th Street and Zionsville Road, has employees attend the event each year, but this is the first year they’ve been able to attend since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That made it kind of extra special this year getting to see those kids’ faces and just knowing the difference that you’re making. Just to see the excitement, it just really warms your heart,” Hughes said.