New website highlights Carmel Redevelopment Commission projects


The Carmel City Council held its first meeting of the year on Jan. 9. Topics included a new website highlighting Carmel Redevelopment Commission projects, proposed amendments to the Legacy Planned Unit Development ordinance and early repayment of 2013 bonds.

What happened: Carmel Redevelopment Commission Director Henry Mestetsky presented a new website for residents and businesses seeking to relocate.

What it means: provides details about current and past redevelopment projects, information about the city for site selectors, a series of videos about tax increment financing and other resources.

What’s next: The site is live and will be updated as redevelopment projects progress.


What happened: The council introduced an amendment to the Legacy Planned Unit Development Ordinance.

What it means: Advenir Oakley Development is seeking to build 230 single-family rental homes and 120 apartments on 32 acres in the Legacy PUD area, which is south of 146th Street and west of River Road. The proposal requires amendments to the Legacy PUD, which was approved in 2007. Proposed amendments would impact use of blocks, maximum unit limitations and removal of units at the amenity area.

What’s next: The council’s land use committee will discuss the proposal in more detail. A meeting date has not been announced.


What happened: The council approved an early payment in full of 2013 Redevelopment District Bonds that funded the Illinois Street projects.

What it means: The city will save $1.2 million in interest payments by paying off the bond early.