Boone County man found guilty of child molesting


Douglas J. Bray, 43 of Lebanon, was guilty of one count of child molesting — a Level 4 felony — after a two-day trial Jan. 24 in Boone County Superior Court

Charges are from sexual acts committed by Bray on a juvenile victim from Dec. 2019 through Mar. 2020. A sentencing hearing is set for 10 a.m. Feb. 21 in Boone County Superior Court.

“As with most cases of this nature, Bray violated the trust of a young person that he happened to know,” Special Victims Prosecutor Heidi Jennings stated in a release. “I want to commend and express my sincere gratitude to the young person who showed tremendous strength and courage in sharing what happened. There aren’t many adults who could have done what this young person did.”