Scenthound to bring membership-based dog grooming services to Clay Terrace


Scenthound, a wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming business focused on preventative care for canines is coming to Clay Terrace in March. This will be the first Indiana location for the business and will be owned and operated by Doug and Sarah Davis.

“Sarah and I have always been passionate about dogs, and Scenthound allows us to positively impact the lives of both beloved family dogs and their owners,” Doug said. “We’ve known that we wanted to start our own business for a while, it was just a matter of finding the right fit. When we came across Scenthound, not only did we love the business model, we also quickly realized that there is nothing quite like it here in Carmel.”

CIC DOUGH 0131 Scenthound 2They selected Clay Terrace for a variety of reasons, among them the center’s many events and activities that involve dogs and their families. Scenthound will be in Suite 180, just north of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cafe Patachou.

“(Clay Terrace) has a great tenant base for our clients to visit while their dog has their monthly visit, whether it be a quick bite to eat, shopping or getting a workout in,” Doug said. “Our location is centrally located, allowing for an easy commute for customers in Carmel and other surrounding areas.”

Scenthound focuses on five core areas of routine care for dogs, giving pups routine care through the Monthly Care Club.

“Not only is this beneficial to the dog, but also the dog-parent because we provide each dog with a Scent Check ( monthly report card) on the condition of their skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth to ensure we can be proactive about any issues that might arise,” Doug said.

Haircuts are an additional service Scenthound provides. They can include a blow-dry, brush-out, pad trim, sanitary trim and full haircut. These, along with several other service options, can be added to a dog’s monthly Routine Care Club appointment.

“We will also provide 24/7 access to a vet using the Scenthound mobile app for dog-parents to get any quick questions answered or for after-hours peace of mind,” he added. “Our North Star is, ‘We remove barriers so that people can love and connect with their dogs every day.’”

Monthly Care Club – which ranges in price from $35-$65 – includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and teeth cleaning. Members receive 25 percent off additional services

Doug and Sarah will be actively involved in hiring, operations and marketing for the business. Scenthound in Clay Terrace will employ 10 people, including a general manager, groomers and Scent Techs – which are bathers and grooming assistants.