Letter: Fortunate to live in a vibrant county 



On Jan. 22, Hamilton County kicked off a yearlong celebration for its bicentennial at the Palladium with a free program that showcased the history of Hamilton County through stories and music. Before becoming a settled area, Native Americans from the Lenape tribe were living here mostly along the White River area. White settlers like William Connor found this area filled with trees so dense you could hardly see the sky. 

How fortunate we are to live in Hamilton County where we have access to so many social, cultural, theatrical, historical and musical programs. Carmel’s Palladium, Tarkington Theater and The Studio Theater are filled with wonderful programs. I look forward to all the events planned this year throughout Hamilton County to help us celebrate 200 years of the towns that comprise our county. 

Thank you to everyone working this year to showcase Hamilton County’s 200 year journey, including all of its trials and tribulations, successes and accolades, and the work of today to build an even better tomorrow. 

Let’s work together to stay focused on moving forward in ways that strengthen opportunities for all the residents of Hamilton County. Let’s stay politically engaged to make sure we elect the very best candidates who will continue the stories throughout Hamilton County that carry a shared pride of our history and our willingness to work for justice and equality. We are, indeed, fortunate to live in such a vibrant county in the beautiful state of Indiana. 

Shelley Carey, Carmel