Fishers High School set to host Silver Spotlight Show Choir Invitational


Fishers High School senior choir member Holly Kalk always is eager for the Silver Spotlight Show Choir Invitational.

“Since we host the competition, we technically do not compete in it,” Kalk said. “We give an exhibition performance, so this is a trial run for our competition season. For choirs attending, this could be any range in their show choir competition season.”

The 13th annual Silver Spotlight Show Choir Invitational is set for Feb. 4 at Fishers High School. The competition starts at 8:30 a.m.

Kalk has been a member of Sound, an all-female show choir, since her freshman year. Kalk is co-president of Sound with April Brownell.

Sound competes against other all-female show choirs for larger schools. Sound has 60 members. Kalk can’t reveal many details about Sound’s performance before the exhibition.

“It’s filled with a lot of songs that a lot of people in the audience will know, so I’m very excited to get to perform these songs,” said Kalk, who will major in education at Ball State University. “Our theme is very empowering. It will really speak to people in the audience that are going through some of the themes that are presented. Our show touches different aspects of genres. I’ve always been more into Broadway and musical theater but show choir has opened me up to pop and classical concert choir as well.”

Kalk said she looks forward to seeing other schools perform.

“We get assigned a school to host and we get to decorate a classroom where they can change and hang out during the competition day,” Kalk said. “We decorate it with the theme of their show. We get to know them, and friendships are formed with the other choirs.”

Sound’s exhibition is set for 7:20 p.m. Electrum, the FHS mixed show choir, will perform at 9:30 p.m. Lawrence Central’s The Central Sound will perform at 11 a.m., and Lawrence Central’s Sweets is set for 6:20 .p.m.

Among the schools represented are Riverside Junior High School, Belzer Middle School in Lawrence and Noblesville East Middle School.

The event is open to the public. Tickets for adults are $15 and $10 for students and seniors. For more, visit