Irvine joins race for Carmel City Council’s South Central District seat


The race for Carmel City Council’s South Central District will be contested in November, as Democrat Jessica Irvine announced her candidacy Jan. 30.

Incumbent Republican Tony Green previously announced he will seek re-election to the council. No other candidates in either party have filed. The filing deadline is Feb. 3.

CIC COM 0207 Irvine Council

Irvine has lived in or near the Home Place area, which is in the South Central District, for more than three decades. She has a bachelor’s degree in public financial management and a master’s degree in environmental policy and sustainability. She is a senior environmental manager for the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management.

“Carmel is a beautiful, vibrant, and safe city that attracts businesses and families from all around the world. To keep Carmel a top rated city, I would like to see green spaces preserved and bring new ideas to the council to enact environmentally friendly policies,” Irvine stated. “We must be responsible stewards of our natural resources because our children and future generations depend on it.”

Top campaign issues for Irvine include environmental sustainability, sustainable city growth while preserving the character of the community and promoting economic growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency.

“I am fortunate and proud to have called Carmel home for the last 30 years. The education I received, the quality of life I was offered and the community that surrounded me contributed to the woman I am today,” Irvine stated. “I am running to serve our neighbors on the Carmel City Council to give back to the community that has done so much for my family and me. I want to continue to grow and invest in Carmel in smart, efficient ways to ensure it is always a great place for Hoosiers to live and thrive.”

Irvine has served in leadership roles with the Hamilton County Young Democrats and the Carmel Democratic Club and has volunteered for Indy Humane and the Humane Society of the United States. She and her partner, Zach, have two cats and a dog.

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