Opinion: A Friday to forget


Do you ever have days where you’re fairly certain the universe is messing with you? When a series of small annoyances has you contemplating a noon bottle of Scotch? That’s what a recent Friday felt like for me. Please enjoy at my expense!

It all started when I foolishly agreed to join our youngest at a 5 a.m. Eat the Frog workout. This a coached fitness session held in a mysteriously green-lit space where your heart rate is displayed for everyone to judge. Naturally, I did not sleep well the night before, knowing I’d have to get up at 4:30, avoid a public cardiac event for 60 minutes, and then be in my classroom by 6:30, showered and pretty.

So, I was grumpy and nauseous while I tried not to embarrass myself on the TRX bands and feeling only slightly better when I got to work and finally checked my text messages. “Two Hour Delay!” What the what? With my blood caffeine and irritability levels off the charts, I decided to stay put and grade poorly written essays. Blech.

Next up, tech issues with my karaoke set up. Dead batteries in one mic, a broken wire in another, and a completely MIA third mic. How was I supposed to make students feel awkward with my subpar singing? Then I forgot a meeting with admin and had to eat leftovers without a fork. By the time I got home, I just wanted to binge Captain Crunch and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Of course, the internet was down.

I called it at 7 p.m., grateful to end this Friday with an early bedtime and a middle finger to the universe.

Peace out.