Lowry to run for District 4 Westfield council seat


A lifelong resident who says she is the first Democrat woman to run in a Westfield CIty Council race in 17 years is seeking the District 4 council seat.

Alexis Lowry, who announced her campaign Jan. 30, is a small business owner and a certified nutritional coach.

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“Westfield is my life story. I loved it as a town, and I love it now as a thriving city. I’ve had the privilege of watching Westfield turn from dirt roads to interstates and grow from less than 3,000 residents to over 50,000 citizens,” Lowry said. “I am running to make sure Westfield remains a great place for families and businesses while we grow responsibly. We need a clear vision of what Westfield can be to make the right decisions for our community.”

Lowry is a youth sports coach in soccer, basketball and volleyball and is involved in her neighborhood homeowner’s association and is an active member at her church. She cited community frustration surrounding the handling of Grand Park as a reason why she got more involved in local politics.

The city is looking at possibly selling Grand Park or entering into a public-private partnership to operate it. The 400-acre sports complex, which serves as the training camp for the Indianapolis Colts, has 31 soccer fields, 26 baseball diamonds, two administration buildings, seven concession stands and a 378,000-square-foot multi-use event center.
“So often, issues are discussed as if there is only one solution: black or white. But that’s not how I see it,” Lowry said, referring to Grand Park. “I believe we can help small businesses and have great parks. We can have strong roadways and bike paths. I know this community can support multiple goals, but it takes thoughtful, responsible leadership.”

In addition to her work in the community, Lowry and her husband are also foster parents. Lowry said that all of her experience as a foster and adoptive mom, small business owner, and youth sports coach has given her a unique skill set she believes will be an asset to the Westfield City Council.

“In all my roles, my job is to stay organized and solve problems. We have a rule in my family: don’t complain unless you have a solution to the problem. If it is worth complaining about, it is worth doing something about it,” Lowry said.

Republican challenger Patrick Tamm is also seeking the District 4 seat, which is held by Scott Frei, who has not filed for reelection. Tamm is a former intern for the Republican State Committee and previously worked for former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith, former U.S. Rep. David McIntosh and former Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Tamm is the founder of Tamm Capital Group, which focuses on nonprofits, trade associations and Fortune 500 companies with an attention on hospitality, tourism, employment, local government and regulated industries.

For more on Lowry’s campaign, visit alexisforwestfield.com or email [email protected].