Letter: Stop strewing scrubs along 106th Street 



Whoever is strewing light blue medline scrubs along 106th Stereet between Springmill and Towne roads is asked to stop. Since last December I have gathered no fewer than 12 XXL or XXXL tops and today one pair of pants.

This is not only littering, using our common green spaces along the roads as a personal trash dump, but it also represents a disregard for the medical personnel who generally wear such scrubs when working with the feeble and sick. Is some CNA or orderly now required to spend hard-earned money to replace these carelessly tossed shirts and pants? How unfair!

If the garments are no longer needed, they should be donated to some charity like Goodwill or Thrifty Threads so that someone else can make use of the still whole and partly new items. They should not be hanging in the bushes, lying on the multi-use path and clogging the drains along 106th Street.

Alison Brown, Carmel