Column: Trendy trends in the design world


Commentary by Bill Bernard

It’s that time of year when design and construction industry trade shows abound. The experts have returned from their pilgrimages and are now sharing all they learned by listing what they consider the most prominent trends for your new bathroom or kitchen. Below is a summary of one such list:

  • Enhanced wellness for bathrooms – Steam showers that can be upgraded to include such indulgences as aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and/or audiotherapy.
  • Multitasking sinks – Sinks can now consolidate several tasks in one central location. You can find inserts for straining, chopping and rinsing.
  • Softened modernity – The clean crisp lines of modern design have been softened with the addition of rounded profiles. Curved rectangular details are in!
  • Industrial chic – Several plumbing lines have taken their design cues from the industrial manufacturing environment. Imagine fixture handle details that reference industrial steam valves, levers and wheels.
  • Beaded details – Fluted or beaded surfaces have found their way into various surface materials. They can be found on plumbing fixtures, tile, cabinets and even quartz.
  • Bold countertops – Although quiet marble-like countertop materials are still very popular, bold “statement” materials with strong veining is coming back in fashion.

While many or all of these trends are attractive, they may not all be appropriate for your home and/or lifestyle.  Give us a call, so we can help you sort through your options.

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