Zionsville Town Council votes on traffic code amendments


The Zionsville Town Council met Feb. 13 to vote on amendments to the traffic codes regarding Oak Street, Colony Woods and the town’s Golf Cart Ordinance.

What happened: The council voted 7-0 to amend an ordinance to the traffic code at First Street.

What it means: The council amended the ordinance set in place three years ago for the loading zone of restaurants in the area of First Street East from its intersection with Oak Street north to its intersection.

What’s next: The loading zone will no longer be reserved or be limited as a loading zone from 6 to 10 a.m. along Cedar Street Monday through Friday. The remaining provisions of the Zionsville code of ordinances for parking, stopping and standing schedules and parking time limits will remain in full force and are not affected by the ordinance.

What happened: The council voted 7-0 to amend an ordinance to the traffic code at Colony Woods.

What it means: Parents are parking in Colony Woods and dropping their children off to avoid the pickup and drop-off line at Pleasant View Elementary School, which has become a safety issue.

What’s next: Parking is now prohibited between 2 to 5 p.m. on days when school is in session on both sides of Governors Lane and Rockwell Court to the entirety of the street from its intersection with Governors Lane to its dead end.


What happened: The council voted 7-0 to amend the ordinance of the traffic code regarding golf carts to remove certain regulatory restrictions in the ordinance.

What it means: Operators of golf carts within the corporate limits of the town are permitted to operate in approved areas of operation, which include all town streets with the exceptions of Oak Street, Sycamore Street (from First Street to Michigan), 116 Street, 106  Street and 96  Street.

What’s next: The council will vote on using Willow Road and the Turkey Trail to Holiday Farms as an area to operate golf carts at its next meeting. Public input was received at the meeting.