Ownership transition causes delays in some areas


The transition from Ray’s Trash to Waste Management has been a bit rocky for many residents in central Indiana, but things seem to be smoothing out some now.

In September 2022, Waste Management bought out most of Ray’s Trash assets. Up until then, Ray’s had been the largest family-owned recycling and waste collection operation in the metro area.

Between then and now, there have been hiccups. In the Fishers and Geist areas, several residents complained that collection from their recycle bins had been sporadic. 

“I counted the days,” Geist resident Gage Veach. “We went more than a month without seeing anyone empty our recycle bin.”

Others experiencing similar problems were Waste Management clients in Mooresville.

Waste Management officials declined comment but stated on its Twitter account that as it has absorbed more of Ray’s clients, it has added new trucks to handle bigger-than-expected loads.

Waste Management released the following statement:

“During this transition (from Ray’s to Waste Management service), the WM team commits to working alongside customers to get their accounts serviced both safely and efficiently. WM sincerely apologizes for the delay in service related to the Ray’s Trash Service transition and expects significant improvement in the coming weeks, including an increase in customer communications.”