Nexus Impact Center celebrates 2022 social impact


Nexus Impact Center held its annual social impact celebration March 1 to acknowledge its members for making a difference in 2022.

The center, which is just south of 96th Street across Carmel’s southern border, is a coworking space for companies dedicated to making a social impact.

“People embed that into their business models and work on things that help people, the planet and prosperity,” said Robin Lee, executive director of Nexus Impact Center.

Since launching in 2020, 87 companies have called the center their home.

At the celebration, Nexus presented 10 awards. They include:

  • The Fishhook Togetherness Award: Presented to Aperion for exemplifying teamwork over working alone, leading to personal relationships and authentic communities.
  • The Wayfinder Purpose Award: Presented to Seeds and Water Collective, which embraces and operates with the mindset “Each person has a specific God-given purpose to be discovered and lived out.”
  • The Impact through Employment Award: Presented to Sage for its programs and strategies that help people find fair employment opportunities for diverse candidates, such as those with disabilities, veterans and those recently incarcerated.

Lee said she and other Nexus Impact Center leaders believe Indiana has the necessary elements to be a leader in the nation for social impact. She sees it through the companies that work at Nexus.

“You care about people. You care about the planet, and you care about prosperity for all,” Lee said to the company owners at the celebration. “So, you will go on to grow and someday grow out there because that’s our success, as we say.”

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