Growing charitable donations $100 at a time


The concept is simple: Meet quarterly, enjoy camaraderie, chip in $100 each, pick a suitable charity to receive a donation, and make a difference in the community.

The Fishers Century Club for men was established in June 2021. It recently surpassed $20,000 given to local nonprofit organizations Juvenile Justice Mentoring, Helping Challenged Children, A Kid Again, The Cooper House, Kammy’s Kause, M.A.S.H. Ministries and HSE Young Life.

The goal now is to grow. Donations have ranged from $2,100 to $4,400, depending on attendance at the meetings, conducted in the auditorium at Launch Fishers. The more attendees, the larger the donation. The club’s next meeting is set for June 20. 

“We feel great about the progress so far,” said founding member and club leader Adam Kallick, a Fishers resident and owner of a consulting firm. 

Kallick got the idea from a similar group in Zionsville through a connection with one of its founders, former Indianapolis Colts player Ryan Diem. 

“My goal is to be up near 40 to 50 guys by the end of this year, eventually over the next couple of years building up to 100 guys,” Kallick said.

Kallick said men have been drawn to the organization because they want to help their community but might not know how to go about doing so. The meetings allow them to network and learn about charitable organizations they might not be familiar with. The Fishers Century Club also is a way to pool resources to make heftier donations while costing club members a maximum of $400 a year.

 “I’ve always said if I give a charity $100, they would appreciate it, but it would not mean much to their bottom line,” Kallick said. “But if we can give them a few thousand dollars, that would be meaningful.”

At the meetings, each attendee writes the name of a local or regional charitable organization on a piece of paper and drops it in a bucket. Kallick draws three names, and the members who suggested those organizations make a 3- to 5-minute presentation about the charity. Members then vote on which group should receive that night’s donation. Members also can participate by watching the meeting and making their $100 contribution online.

Brad Coombs, a concert promoter and producer who lives in Fishers, is a friend of Kallick and a member of the group. He appreciates that the club is an opportunity to make friends and business connections from a diverse background.

“All around, it’s got a lot of positive aspects to it,” Coombs said. “What a great thing to give back, and it’s such a little thing to do. It’s not very cumbersome for somebody who participates.”

Fishers Century Club member Kirk Klabunde, Hamilton County market president for First Merchants Bank, said the group has helped him gain insight into the Fishers community and organizations that serve the area.

“Many of our supported charities started with a local community member seeing a need and taking personal action to help,” he said. “It’s a great reminder of the magic that happens when we all engage with and support each other.” 

To get involved: [email protected].