First-time candidate seeks Fishers council seat


Bill McLellan’s love for the City of Fishers and his commitment to servant leadership are behind his decision to run for the District Northwest seat on the Fishers City Council.

“Fishers has truly been a wonderful place to live for my family the last five years and I want to keep it that same welcoming city for everyone for years to come,” McLellan said. “Specifically, I want to stand up to less inclusive voices that our current city leaders have amplified. These voices are driving our children, local talent and tech out of town.

CIF COM 0404 McLellan headshot

“Tech innovation depends on physical and psychological safety, so in order to attract and retain innovative people who think outside the box, we can’t be putting them in boxes based on race, sex, orientation or gender identity.”

McLellan, a Democrat, said this is his first time running for office since he served on the Student Senate at Covenant College in Chattanooga, Tenn., where he attended on a leadership scholarship. But he has experience working with lawmakers.

“In 2009, I helped start and run an organization that successfully persuaded the Missouri legislature to pass prosthetic parity so all private insurance in the state would cover prosthetics,” he said.

His goals if elected include prioritizing finishing the “delayed bridge and roundabouts at 141st Street and Highway 37 and bringing tech jobs to Fishers.”

“Making Fishers great for everyone, especially our children who may be different and out-of-the-box young professionals in tech,” he said.

Professionally, McLellan has worked in data analytics for 20 years. He currently works as a solutions architect for phData, a nationwide data consulting firm.

“I’m a leader and serial entrepreneur who’s dreamed up, started and successfully grown several divisions within larger companies,” he said.

A pastor as well, McLellan earned a Master of Divinity from Covenant Seminary and used his data and pastoral skills to help start a new church in South City in St. Louis.

McLellan will face Republican incumbent Republican Selina Stoller in the November general election