Opinion: Who says school isn’t fun?


I love the people I work with. We prioritize community and fun, and to that end often share in hilarious hijinks. Take this past week, for example.

Every Friday, we sing karaoke in our hallway, and by “we” I mean me and occasionally a couple other teachers who I bully into it. Kids secretly dig it, though they have been known to take the long way around to avoid making eye contact as I croon “I Want It That Way” or “All the Single Ladies.” Anyhoo, when I came out after second period to perform some Zac Brown, the karaoke machine was gone. Disappeared. MIA. I looked high and low, made several not-so-discreet inquiries, and eventually discovered an honest-to-goodness ransom note demanding “a billion doll hairs” if I ever wanted to see my baby again. What the what?

Devastated and in shock, I stood there, paralyzed with indecision. But my alcove buddies immediately jumped in to help solve the mystery. One managed to confiscate security footage, which clearly showed the perp, a fellow department member, absconding with our beloved music magic maker. Another, our resident Canva goddess, printed highly professional-looking “Wanted!” posters to hang around the building, and my door neighbor managed to interrogate a senior and learned that the machine had in fact been spotted in the suspect’s room only minutes before. Ultimately, thanks to the sleuthing diligence of our team, we successfully rescued our karaoke machine and enjoyed the schtick of a fake kidnapping.

My husband Doo often comments that I always seem to be playing at school. He’s not exactly wrong. Because I love the people I work with!

Peace out.