Opinion: Flush with bathroom excitement


Here’s an en suite bathroom update: We’re in our sixth week of remodeling and still operating out of a kid’s room. I’m losing my gosh-darn mind.

The big-ticket items are done. We have a new tile floor and swanky shiplap on the walls, a toilet that flushes, and one working sink. The plumbing is basically finished, and most of the hardware and lighting are in. But we’re waiting on a shower door as well as a second tub filler. Our first filler was apparently broken, causing only cold water to flow throughout the house and then after a tweak, switching to scalding hot. Maintaining personal hygiene has been tricky and at times, quite dangerous!

Additionally, one of our vanity countertops is cracked, and the repair job doesn’t look great. Of course, when I called Lowe’s to see about a replacement, I was told we had passed the 90-day return window. Fortunately, they took pity on me and are going to give us a new one, anyway (Thanks, Jeremy!) And we can’t paint until all the rest of this is taken care of, which means we can’t hang mirrors. Much like the bathing situation, getting ready in the morning is both a challenge and a hoot! I can blindly apply eye makeup, but I really shouldn’t.

The kicker was when I realized that I’d been providing nightly nudie shows to anyone in the nearby roundabout who happened to glance up at our window. My apologies, dear drivers! Or maybe, you’re welcome? I’d forgotten that the privacy curtain has not been reinstalled.

Anyhoo, I’m longing for the day when we’ll have our bathroom back, gorgeous and fully functioning.

Peace out.