Letter: Missing symbols of Carmel’s past



I was raised in Carmel and graduated in 1974. My sister and I attended three elementary schools during the first Carmel boom years. Growing up here was wonderful!

I now have a second home back in Carmel as of December. I love being “back home again in Indiana.” I still love the sycamore trees, Cool Creek, Acorn Farm, White River and all the beautiful wildflowers.

Things that were important to me are being torn down and made into three-story buildings. Why did they tear down the grain elevator? This was a symbol of our past.

I started out with degrees in physical education at Ball State University. After discernment, I later found myself called to become an Episcopal priest. I now have over 30 years’ experience in all manner of life experiences.

However, I have to confess that whenever I go by the little roundabout on Range Line Road and 111th street, I contemplate coming back in the dead of night to place my own sculpture and call it “art.”

Who in Carmel is speaking the truth to power? I have been faithfully reading Current each week. There are a few, but who is really listening?

You all speak of honoring our Carmel history. Who really has the power to make decisions for Carmel’s best long-term interests?

The Rev. Krista Cameron, Carmel