Letter: My loyal sidewalk friends


Editor’s note: John P. Schleeter is a member of Carmel Creative Writers, Inc. and submitted the following short work.


Whenever walking along Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.

I cherish an opportunity,

To see my loyal sidewalk friends.

These friends are always present to greet locals and guests.

One quietly reading the daily news,

Another walking her leashed pet,

While another plays his violin for dollar tips.

A small child eagerly waters her flowers,

And potted plants from a mini spout.

And a sailor greets his sweetheart with a swooping hug,

Upon arriving home from a long assignment abroad.

These folks are street greeters,

During Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,

Never changing clothes due to heat or cold,

Rather constant in their presence throughout the year.

I would love to get to know these friendly ones,

But that is not to be.

For they are made of bronze and paint,

Everlasting sculptures for all of us to see.

John P. Schleeter, Carmel