Updated information on new trash/recycling in Zionsville

CIZ COM 0523 Trash Update
Map indicates the new collection schedule that began April 10. Border streets are split in half. If your home is on the north, south, east or west of the border street, that is the section you will be serviced. (Map courtesy of the Town of Zionsville)

The Town of Zionsville recently began new trash and recycling services. Below is the information for the new service with Priority Waste.

How do I find out my day for trash and recycling service?

Zionsville’s new trash and recycling provider is Priority. The new collection schedule for residents in the urban service district began April 10. Your trash and recycling service day may have changed. To find out your service date visit, zionsville-in.gov.

What will my new trash rates be?

Town council members approved the new rates, which became effective at the beginning of May. The new rates for the urban services district is $12.35 per month for the first year.

Who do I contact for more information?

To contact Priority Waste, call 855-927-8365 or visit, prioritywaste.com/cities-we-serve/zionsville.