Sewer cleaning and inspections continue


The City of Lawrence is continuing high-pressure sanitary sewer cleaning and video inspections in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Work has begun in the Oaklandon area, according to a notice from the city. The work will be conducted between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily in the Sparrowood subdivision, along with the Oaklandon area on Van Spronsen Way, Riley Road, Old Orchard Drive, Mccord Lane and Sycamore Drive.

CIG COM SewerLineWork 052323
The area outlined in red is the work zone through approximately May 30. (Map courtesy of the city of Lawrence)

Work started the week of May 15 and is expected to take up to two weeks.

“This work is part of our routine maintenance of the sanitary sewer system,” the city stated in the notice. “In order to improve system performance and prepare the pipes for video inspection, high pressure cleaning/vacuum equipment will be used to thoroughly clean the pipes and remove debris and solids from the sewer system. This method of cleaning is safe, effective and will extend the system life. Further, it will provide better and more reliable service for our customers.”

The city stated that problems are not expected, but excessive debris, inadequate or damaged venting systems in homes or businesses, sags in the main or other conditions may cause issues at a home or business.

For example, high pressure can cause water to splash up from a toilet bowl. Residents and business owners are asked to make sure that the toilet is flushed and the lid is down when work is happening on their street.

High pressure also can draw the water from the “P-traps” or “J-bends” in floor drains and other fixtures. Should this occur, a resident or business owner might detect a sewer odor. In order to remedy the situation, they can run water in all suspect drains to fill the traps.

Residents also are asked to keep children away from the work zone, because the equipment is large and can be loud. There also could be open manholes in the area, and traffic restrictions are possible.

For questions, contact Lawrence Utilities at 317-524-0511.