Event allows Zionsville elementary students to apply, demonstrate knowledge


Eagle Elementary School in Zionsville held its Learning Showcase Night on May 18. The event shows how students across all grade levels learn how to make a positive impact on their communities.

The event provided a platform for students to display and present what they’ve learned while demonstrating their enthusiasm for real-world learning by working with several community partners in the town. 

“Our learning showcase is built on the idea of taking learning to a deeper level and empowering students to apply that learning in an authentic and meaningful way,” Eagle Elementary School Principal Andrew Foreman said.

Each grade level showcased different projects that reflected their diverse areas of exploration. 

“There was a lot of team and teacher collaboration to look at our standards and take those standards to what we wanted the outcome to be,” said Marissa Grant, literacy coach at Eagle Elementary School. “The teachers spent a lot of time making sure the projects were meaningful and in-depth so the students could take what they learned to a new level, which they did, and they showed that at the showcase.” 

Third-graders held a book fair for the Indy Book Project to gain knowledge about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

“It was fun to see the community partners get involved and attend the event,” said Molly Haas, STEM instructional coach and teacher at the school. “The Indy Book Project, for example, posted on Facebook how to donate to our third-graders’ book project.” 

Students researched Indy Book Project nonprofit and learned how to host a book drive. They are now running a school-wide drive until May 24. 

First-graders at Eagle Elementary School focused on how to become authors and collaborated with Hussey-Mayfield Public Library by creating posters to promote certain books that they felt changed them. 

“The day after the showcase, it was cool to see the kids take the posters they created and walk them over to the library with joy on their faces,” Haas said. 

This was the second year of the learning showcase at Eagle Elementary School and the school said it plans to continue it every year.