Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville make top 10 for safety


Crime rates for violent crime and property crime in Indiana are decreasing, according to Safewise, a national organization that looks at crime statistics.

The top-10 safest cities in Indiana include Zionsville, coming in at No. 2; Carmel at No. 4; Fishers at No. 5, and Westfield at No. 7.

Carmel and Fishers also were included in the Safewise top 10 list of safest cities to raise a family; and Zionsville was No 81 on the list of top 100 safest cities in the United States.

The No. 1 safest city in Indiana, according to the Safewise list, is St. John, located in the northwest part of the state. Also on the list are Dyer (3rd), Brownsburg (6th), West Lafayette (8th), Huntington (9th) and Greenfield (10th).

Safewise reports that Indiana is one of 17 states that experienced decreases in both violent crime and property crime during the past reporting year, and both of those state crime rates fall below the national average. However, surveys of Hoosiers indicated that 5 percent more Indiana residents were concerned about violent crime than the prior year, and gun violence concern rose by 8 percent.

More Hoosiers use some form of personal protection compared to the national average, with most favoring pocketknives.

Property crime concerns among Hoosiers also rose, with most respondents especially concerned about package theft.

“About 61percent of Indiana residents feel concerned about package theft, and property crime comes in second at 53 percent” the announcement states. “Hoosiers worry less about violent crime (49 percent) and gun violence (49 percent), which makes sense because our survey respondents were more likely to have experienced property crime than violent crime.”

Natural disaster concerns also were included in the survey, and Hoosiers worried most about strong winds. Understandably, Indiana residents had fewer concerns about hurricanes and earthquakes.

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